How to monitor your Android OS smartphone using Mini Info


How to monitor your Android OS smartphone using Mini Info

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to view all the little details, getting into the deepest aspects of your Android OS based smartphone? Well, there is a way to monitor the cellphone, using a small application, called Mini Info. This will allow you to view many details, like the CPU and RAM usage, with the possibility of customizing the software. You can choose what data to see, where to be displayed and in what sizes. These little options truly make Mini Info the best Android app that displays information related to your smartphone.

Mini Info about your smartphone

Getting detailed, this is what Mini Info does:

  • Checks the CPU usage

  • Shows the RAM memory used

  • Stats about battery percent % and status ( plugged in, charging etc )

  • Memory stats ( available, used, internal, SD cad )

  • Wifi, BT, GPS, Volume, Brightness Toggle

  • Customizing options for a 2×1 widget and others

This can be very helpful, for those who think ahead of time and want to plan each segment of their batteries or, just simply tests the CPU during various games. The Mini Info is a free Android App, available on the Android Market and on other places. To help you guys a bit, here is the QR code, which you can scan to locate the application.

Mini Info QR Code

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