How to install Android on iPhone 2G/ 3G using iPhoDroid 0.6 ( PC guide )


How to install Android on iPhone 2G/ 3G using iPhoDroid 0.6 ( PC guide )

For those who want to wipe the gap between iPhone and Android users, this is a perfect guide. In the following lines you will learn how to install the Android OS on your iPhone 2G / 3G, using a simple program called iPhoDroid 0.6. The installing process will be automatically, making this guide just a simple walk in the park. As for the heads-up, you will need a jailbroken device, so if you haven’t done it yet, we can help.

As for the software itself, it’s a rising tool. Currently, iPhoDroid only supports iPhone 2G and 3G devices. In the near future, the developer will add compatibility with iPod Touch devices and maybe 3GS as well. As for the version installed, it’s probably Android 2.2 ( Froyo ). Now let’s begin:

Android on iPhone

How to install Android on iPhone 2G / 3G
  1. Download and install iPhoDroid R13k for iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G.

  2. Start iPhoDroid and then connect the iPhone to your PC, using an USB cable.

  3. Click on the “Shoot” button, at the bottom of the screen. This will start the automatic process.

    The Shoot Button

  4. You should pass through these phases: the detection of your iPhone, the installation of the touchscreen drivers, and the transfer of cache, system and data files to the device. After these, you should get it all on the iPhone.

  5. Now start iPhoDroid again and click on the “Exit the recovery mode” button.

  6. All done.


  • For those who are using Windows 7, an “Alpha expired” message may occur when starting the iPhoDroid. If this happens, set the calendar back with one month and then restart the application.

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