How to test the iPhone 4 signal in iOS 4.1


How to test the iPhone 4 signal in iOS 4.1

For those who want an accurate signal display, to know exactly how the iPhone 4 antenna problem performs, this guide will be a short answer. Please note that this is only available for those that have updated to iOS 4.1. If you haven’t, you can do it without changing the baseband ( or jailbreak it for the adventurous). This can be very helpful for testing what grip affects your iPhone 4 the most, or in which places do you lose signal.

Let me first explain how it works: The signal bars will be replaced with a negative number, like -86. Don’t get frightened, as the best number you could ever achieve is -50. This number actually represents dBm units. Once activated, you can easily transfer between signal bars and numbers, by simply touching them. Talking more about numbers, let me detail a bit, using this picture ( it’s not mine ) :

iPhone 4 antenna problem tester

To activate this service, all you have to do is dial *3001#12345#* into your iPhone. To disable it, hit the “Home” button. That’s all. Have fun testing guys.

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