Network Security: How to hide your computer or server from the network


Hiding your server or computer from the network is an excellent security trick and if you are having problems or feel insecure, you should follow this “how to” and try it, because it might help you a lot.

Please note this will not completely hide your computer from the network, but it will not show on the computer’s list, only being accessible by someone who knows the computer’s name.

By default, the computer is not hidden, but it can be easily hidden, if you follow this steps:

  1. Press Start + R.

  2. Type CMD then press Enter.

  3. in the Command Prompt type: <code>net config server /hidden: yes</code> then press Enter.

  4. A message should let you know that you are done.

  5. For the changes to take effect, reboot your computer.

If you are not satisfied by being hidden from the network, follow the steps again, but instead of <code>net config server /hidden: yes</code>, type <code>net config server /hidden: no</code>.

For this to work in Windows Vista, you have to go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. Then follow the steps above, starting with 3.

As always, feedback is appreciated!

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