How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S Reset Bug


How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S Reset Bug

Well, we thought that only Apple can mess things up on an international level, with their iPhone 4 problems, but here comes Samsung, to do it on a Galaxy level. All Samsung Galaxy S smartphones: the Vibrant, Captivate and others, have been discovered to have a reset bug. It is easy to fix and avoid this bug, if you pay attention to our guides bellow. If not, you will end up with a totally erased smartphone.

Let us first explain the Samsung Galaxy S reset bug. It’s a software fault, which causes all of your data to be deleted, without notice. That means your contacts, your pictures, your settings, all of your saved file. Actually, this bug initiates a hard reset on your device, bringing it to a fresh out-of-factory state. It is claimed to only happen when your smartphone is connected to a PC and using Kies ( Samsung’s proprietary software program ).

Samsung Galaxy S

The number of the Samsung Galaxy S phones affected by the reset bug is not yet known, but we predict a lot. The manufacturer states that a fix will be added in future software updates, but you will have to wait a while for them. Until then, you can manually fix it.

In order to fix the Samsung Galaxy S resetting bug, you need to stay far from file name extension longer than 16 characters. If you have one on your cellphone, erase it immediately. This is the only reason that causes the hard reset. If you manage to avoid these kinds of files, you should be OK. To make sure, please install the future OS update, available in a couple weeks.

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