How To Restore A Messed Up iPod Touch / iPhone


How To Restore A Messed Up iPod Touch / iPhone

Both iPod Touch gadgets or iPhones can get messed up sometimes, for a thousand reasons, neither being a good one. However, you don’t need a specialist or to take the device to an Apple service, in most cases you can fix it yourself at home. We’ll explain how, in easy steps. Duration: 10 minutes. Difficulty: easy to medium.

Things can go wrong with the iPod’s system when making updates, when installing apps or, in some rare cases, even when you’re simply copying some more music on the device. The iPod or iPhone can either become unstable, mess up or slow down often, it rarely becomes totally unresponsive. In most cases a reset solves the issue, other types a full system restore to factory defaults is needed.

First thing: How To Reset iPod Touch / iPhone

Alright, the goo’ old reset it is.

  1. Go to To > Settings > General > Reset.

  2. Enter Reset All Setting

You’ll get a warning, typical stuff. Don’t worry, none of your data will be lost just some settings and other stuff you can then fix back. Tap on Reset All Setting to confirm. Diiiing, now your device will restart.

Note that after this restart the reset was done, everything is pretty much set back like when you got it new, apart from all your files that are still there. You need to reconnect to any Wi-Fi connections you were using for on-line applications.

If Reset Didn’t Fix It: Restore Factory Defaults

This may sound familiar from your old mobile phone, and that’s what this is actually but the way it’s done got more complex along with all the tech goodies. Most important: make sure to backup all your file and applications, as this will wipe everything clean! You can use Dropbox with your iPod Touch or your iPhone to easily backup all your data. Or just right click the device in iTunes and click “back-up”. Like in the picture here:

After you backed up all you need, Connect you device to your computer.

  • Open iTunes - make sure to update to latest version

  • Select your device

  • Under the Summary tab in the Version box you can find the Restore button.

The soft will ask you if you are sure, and will notice you if you have purchases made from the iTunes store, so that you make sure to back them up less you want them lost after the Restore.

  • Click continue and the process will begin.

After a while the Restore is completed. You will now be prompted to chose from a back-up or to set up a new iPod configuration. Try with your backup, or if not start anew because probably what was causing problems in the fist place is in among the backups.

After this a restart will be needed, while keeping the device connected however. To get all your old apps back use Sync Apps. This is it, pretty much. Again, remember to back-up your data before using Step 2: Restore Factory Defaults.

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