How To Preview Documents With Office 2007


How To Preview Documents With Office 2007

When handling multiple Microsoft Office documents, you often need to find a file but don’t remember which one precisely it is. The filename doesn’t really help in many cases, and a quick glance into it’s contents would be useful. Instead of randomly or progressively (none work too well actually…) opening documents to see if their what you need, read this guide and find out how to preview them without opening in the Office 2007 suite. Duration is less than three minutes, level required: total newb.

  • First, Open Word (the most used Office utility)

  • Click on the round Office Button in the top left corner and choose Open.

  • In the Open dialogue window, find the views icon, in the top right.

  • Click on it and chose Preview.

Cool, now a preview pane is open on the right side!  Click once on any document file in the left hand side and a preview of the contents will be generated in the right field. When you find your sought for file, the open function is a click away, we were in the open dialogue window after all..

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