How to use QR codes to install Android apps


How to use QR codes to install Android apps

In the following guide you will learn how to use QR codes in order to install Android apps. Those black and white squares that make no sense are really useful if you know how to deal with them. QR codes can be spotted on almost every website these days, when the author is talking about an Android application and at the end of the article, gives readers the possibility to install that app, using a simple QR code. In order to follow the author wish, you first need an app that deals with these codes.

For a complete understanding, QR codes are two dimensional squared codes, that embed data such as links ( URL ), phone numbers, simple text and other data. QR codes can only be scanned by cellphones that have a camera and a barcode scanner application. In order to use and scan these QR codes, you will need an Android running smartphone ( any version is compatible ) that has a camera.

This is how a QR code looks like

How to use install Android apps using QR codes
  1. Go to the Android Market and search for the “Barcode Scanner” software. Download and install the first app that is found, like in the image bellow:

    Step 1

  2. Open the Barcode Scanner and drag the rectangular square over the QR code you want to scan. Make sure all of the code is inside scanner square. For perfect results, try to center it.

    Step 2

  3. Now have a little patience as the scanner tries to identify the code and when it’s done, click the open browser button, like in the image bellow:

    Step 3

  4. This will make the browser to be redirected to the Android Market. You can now install the application by a simple touch.

    Step 4

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