How To Use All Your Add-Ons With Firefox 4 Beta


How To Use All Your Add-Ons With Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 is now available with a new beta release, that has the Feedback Add-on bundled as well as a more polished look, an increase in stability and robustness and the cool option to pin used web applications and/or sites, Windows 7 taskbar style.

However, one thing that this Firefox 4 Beta version, close to RTM as it is, does not support is all your old add-ons that you like so much and wouldn’t move on without.

Firefox 4 - use it with your old add-ons

What you don’t probably know however is that the whole compatibility issue is more of an overstatement, most add-ons actually work with the new Firefox 4 already. This guide will show you how to enable them, from an easy trick to a more advanced one.

Firefox 4 Add-ons Trick Number One

Install and use the Compatibility Reporter, that has been run by Mozilla themselves for some time now. Apart from the reporting and feedback roles, this little plug-in can convert add-ons to work with your Firefox 4, allowing you to install them and, in most cases, use them with no issues.

Firefox 4 Add-ons Trick Number Two:

This applies for those who don’t want another third-part app in their Firefox club. You should backup your profile before you apply this trick and trick number three. Read this easy guide for backing up Firefox.

  1. You need to type about:config in your browser address bar

  2. Click I’ll be careful

  3. Right click inside the browser, choose New –> Boolean

  4. Name it extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b

  5. Set the new bolean’s value to False.

The full story on this process can be read here in this mozillaZine entry.

Firefox 4 Add-ons Trick Number Three (for Advanced users):

The advantage of this method is that it changes nothing in Firefox itself, so it could also work with future beta and final version of the new fiery browser.

First, download the extension you want and is not yet officially compatible with Firefox4. Unzip the .xpi file, change the value of em:maxVersion under install.rdf file to 4. Repack the extension now, and drag and drop it in Firefox 4. You should read this guide in it’s entirety here on mozillaZine.

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