Google Adds Gmail Drag and Drop That Works Two Ways [+ video ]


Google Adds Gmail Drag and Drop That Works Two Ways [+ video ]

Gmail now features a useful drag and drop feature for those mouse lovers out there. In  Google Chrome, you’ve been able to drag attachments from your desktop or local folder location into a new mail in Gmail for quite some time now, but now the little trick works two ways. The bad part is that it’s still only working for the Google Chrome browser.

How to do this? Simply drag and drop the file, let’s say an image or .txt file, from the mail body to your desired location, like on your desktop for instance. The file will copy itself automatically to the dropped location. By the way, in case you thought Firefox allows this too: it doesn’t. Not even in 3.6.8 – you can only drop files in a new mail with Gmail, once you hover over Firefox with the file dragging along a “Drop Files Here” area will appear above the message text area. See the picture for reference.

Drang and drop into Gmail with Firefox, but not out of Gmail

To make this quick guide as dummy-friendly as possible, here’s a short video:

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