How To Limit/Lower Mozilla Firefox RAM Usage


How To Limit/Lower Mozilla Firefox RAM Usage

Firefox, apart from the sometimes huge load time (good thing we already fixed that for you, read here) has one big problem: memory leak. It tends to grow and grow in that RAM thirst and people have often complained that keeping Firefox became impossible if you wanted to use the PC for other consuming applications at the same time.

While not being a solution to Firefox’s memory issues, which we can only hope will be gone in version 4, this quick fix will be a huge step up. Basically, after you complete this quick reversible guide, Firefox will empty as much RAM as it can when you minimize it, just like most normal application out there do.

Reduce Firefox RAM usage trick, working !

This will bring a great improvement in performance and may solve the memory leak problem completely for most Firefox users, considering that it’s the post-minimize hunger of the popular browser that’s upsetting people. The fact that Firefox uses up a lot of RAM when you’re in the application and doing your business is actually a good thing because it assures decent process speeds and that everything is going smooth.

Lower RAM usage for Firefox on minimize
  1. In Firefox, close all open tabs.  Go to the Address Bar, Type in about:config and then press Enter.

  2. Right Click in empty spce and select New -> Boolean.

  3. A box pops out. Type in config.trim_on_minimize. OK

  4. Select True and then press Enter.

Value to be entered, if it looks like this you're ok

Good! Now restart your Firefox, open up some pages that take up a lot of memory. Open your Task Manager, you should see firefox.exe with a considerable amount of RAM usage. Now minimize your Firefox, and check. RAM usage should be down now.

Please note that this fix is only working, at the posting time, for Windows users. Not that those 4GB Ram Macs should have any trouble… The trick also works for Thunderbird, which is also set not to clear up RAM on minimize.

Limit Firefox’s allowed cache memory
  1. Open Firefox, close open tabs. In the address bar on your Firefox browser and write about:config, hit enter.

  2. Search  select browser.cache.disk.capacity in the filter.

  3. Double click to set to a value corresponding to your machines RAM memory.  20000 is recommendable you have between 512Mb and 1GB of Ram. If you have less than 512Mb then reduce to 10000. Default is 50000, max is 51200. ( You can max it for top performance if you have a lot of RAM at good frequencies).

Note: the values are memory amount in KB.

Firefox Cache limit string

Step one is strongly recommended for all Windows users with the fiery browser onboard. The second is more of a fix for low on RAM machines.

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