How To Duplicate Tab In Firefox – No Add-Ons Needed!


Our newest episode in the super drama super comedy horror triple Grammy and – 2 Oscars series “‚ÄúTune Your Firefox To The Max‚ÄĚ is a quick trick for opening the same tab in a new tab, basically cloning your current page. Why would you want to do that? I find it a bit rhetorical, let’s say you want to go BACK in the current tab but you also want to keep this page. Or keep the initial Google search page saved will you surf the results. Just two of infinite uses.. So trust us it’s useful, that’s why people actually design and use plug-ins for this.

Speaking of add-ons, Tab Mix Plus is a good choice for playing around with Tabs in Firefox, and included this option. Give it a try.

Duplicating a tab, easy

Now here’s the deal. There are three ways to do this, one easier than the other:

  1. Pressing the  Ctrl key, dragging the tab to a new spot on your tab bar and drop it. A blue arrow will help you position it where you want to, in case you have other tabs and want it between two of them.

  2. Drag and drop the icon in the address to the tabs bar. Blue arrow to the rescue again!

  3. Focus the tab you want to duplicate and Middle Click on the Refresh Button (Reload Current Page is the posh moniker in the latest Firefox )

Final note: the duplicated tab also contains all the browsing history. Hurray!

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