How To Use Browser’s Search Box To Make Your Work Easier


How To Use Browser’s Search Box To Make Your Work Easier

The search box is now a part of any respectable browser out there. In IE and Firefox you can find it in the the upper right corner, while Chrome has it integrated in the address bar itself. That means that if you type something which is not an interned address and hit enter, it will search with the Google engine for that particular string. Firefox has a similar system where it loads the most relevant page when you type a word or more words and not an address. For example if you type in “books” and you had a previously visited books site, it will load that site, or just google “books” for you if you had nothing relevant to load in your history.

Back to the subject, the little search box can use any search engine you like, though it’s set to Google as default in most cases. You can click on the icon on the left and scroll through a wide variety of engines and even add new ones. Whatever works for you, but Google is the best be far.

Still, can’t we do more with that box there as long as it takes up space anyway? Here’s a list of useful tricks that will enable you to do more with the search box in your browser and could make your work much easier.

Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes


You can use profit from the search engine’s automatic correction feature to quick check a word or sentence you’re not sure of. Wouldn’t want to send that job application with poor grammar, would you? Type the presumably misspelled word in the search box, either in it’s entirety or just up to the point where you know it’s correctly written. Google will then offer you the correct spelling as a query suggestion. Only that you won’t click and hit enter to search as that’s not your purpose, you’ll just click and copy paste the now correctly written word. Fast, guaranteed and right in your browser!

Clean-up Formatting from Copied Text

People usually use Notepad to fast clear formatting from a copied text. Sure it’s fast, sure it’s easy and everyone out there has Notepad available. But why quit your browser and do all that alt-tabing (that can be a bit of a hassle with Firefox especially) when the search box can be used for this?

Select the text, copy and paste it in the search box field. Then select all of it again from the search box and paste in where you want, like in your email or blog text editor. Rich text, coding and hyperlinks are now gone!

Search Box as a “Personal Text Library”

What in Jack Rabbit’s name do I mean by that? You can type in and hit search with a piece of text you’ll later need and is too long to remember, like an order number from an on-line store. Just type the order number, let’s say #2050202051 and search for it. Don’t mind the results, they’re probably nonsense, but in a few days when your shipment arrived and you see they sent you the misized shoes, just type #2, or the first few letters of the text you need, and the engine will bring it up as a previous search-suggestion. Neat,right? This is like a Notepad with infinite saves, right there in your browsers magic corner.

This trick can also be used to store (long) passwords, but that’s not recommend as far as most people that use office or shared computers are concerned. Instead, we recommend trying to just remember your passwords, while still keeping them safe with numbers, capitalized letters or spaces in it.

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