How To Automatically Post Tumblr Blog On Social Networks


How To Automatically Post Tumblr Blog On Social Networks

Let’s say you got a nice shiny new Tumbrl blog, and you mind is all pumping and rattling up to fill it with all sorts of stuff. However, what point in having a blog with few to no visitors, right? Wait, what about all those friends on Facebook or all my curios readers of Twitter? Informing al of them manually would be a hassle, and maybe sometimes you just want them to read this post or that one, not all your blog. This guide will teach you how to integrate Tumblr with two of the most popular social networks, with ease and in less than 10 minutes.

With Facebook

Tumblr has Facebook integrated, though it’s a bit hidden. Once you get it all set up post will be automatically posted on your Facebook account wall. Note that this does not work if you have a company or group account and want Tumblr blog posts to appear on your Fans page, you have to do that manually.

  1. Go to your Customize page at

  2. Click on the Services tab.

  3. Click Setup in the Facebook box to start adding it to your Facebook account.

  4. Sign in on Facebook if you’re not already logged, and click Allow to make Tumbrl a trusted Facebook app

  5. Enter your Tumblr blog’s address in the required field,

  6. Click Start importing this blog

  7. click Allow publishing.

  8. Tumblr will ask to access your news feed and wall also; click Allow Access so it can use Facebook services directly in your Tumblr dashboard.

  9. In order to avoid bugging prompts everytime you post on Tumblr, click Allow on Constant Publishing.

Success! Now your Tumblr blog and your Facebook acount are linked !

With Twitter

Tumblr works great with Twitter too, and the simple fast-paced networking style of the increasingly popular site can guarantee visitors on your blog and keeping in touch with everyone, regardless if they visit your blog address manually or have a Facebook account or not. Here’s how to make the two work together:

  1. Open the Customize page and click Services as above.

  2. See the Send my Tumblr posts to Twitter box and click the Sign in with Twitter button.

  3. Sign in to you Twitter account if you’re not already, and then click Allow to make Twitter a trusted app

Now every artice you writte on your Tumbl blog will also appear on Twitter, with a nice “Written from Twitter” notice. If you decide a certain article is too personal or simply not for Twitter publishing, you can untick the Send to Twitter box when composing the post.

Now your Tumbl and Twitter accounts are working as a team, neat! Things work two ways, you can view and post tweets, or even reblog a tweet on your Tumblr blog.

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