Remove “Sent from my iPhone” from Messages


Remove “Sent from my iPhone” from Messages

I think that all iPhone users are sending email messages. Every message will have a footnote  “Sent from my iPhone”. It’s a great thing that all people should know that your message has been sent from a nice piece of gadget  but what happens when you want to send a not so casual message and you want the message to be clean.

Let’s just say that you are mailing to your boss and and you should be at the office, or you are working for a rival competitor and it’s not so nice to send emails that makes free publicity to Apple iPhone. Also all the characters cost and so more of them, more expenses.

This message can be removed whit this steps :

  1. On the iPhone Home screen, tap Settings.

  2. Tap the Mail button.

  3. Tap the Signature.

  4. To remove the “Sent from my iPhone” string, remove the signature to blank. Alternatively, just change the signature to whatever text user prefers.

Signature on iPhone

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