Blocked Videos on YouTube “Video Not Available in Your Country”


Blocked Videos on YouTube “Video Not Available in Your Country”

In countries like China and Pakistan the government of  them block the ISPs to You Tube and websites like it because of the material that they contain. But as you have noticed this things happen in other countries  to and the message “This video is not available in your country” appears. It happens to people in US and UK to. It has nothing to do with you it’s just the owner of the posted material that is limiting the access to some geographic regions.

Some of the filters

I will give some examples of such videos. In a press release BBC Chanel said “Because of the way that the BBC is funded in the UK through the license fee, we cannot make videos available outside of the UK”.

NBC has blocked the Olympic Games Live and USA and other countries because they had a deal with the Olympic Comity and didn’t afford to make it free.

The solution

1st of all let’s see what the problem is. YouTube get’s your geographic position from you IP address. Here is a little trick you may try:

If the URL of the YouTube video is – just replace the /watch?v= part with /v so your new URL becomes

Video is not available in you country

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