How To Install Windows 7 Or Vista From An USB Flash Drive


How To Install Windows 7 Or Vista From An USB Flash Drive

Installing Windows 7 or Vista on your computer from an USB Flash Drive is kinda tricky and i’m sure there are lots of users that aren’t capable or simply don’t know how to perform such actions. Anyhow, below you’ll find the exact instructions that you need to follow, and by doing this you will be able to install the Windows 7 or Windows Vista on your computer easily and fast. This Windows 7 / Vista installing guide to be completed successfully needs you to have an USB Flash Drive with at least 4GB storage size and the installation files of Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Removable Drive

A thing that you first need to check is if the computer’s motherboard has support for booting up from USB flash drives. After you did this and you’re sure that you’re computer is capable of booting from the USB flash drive, you can go on and follow the instructions below on how to install Windows Vista or Windows 7 from an USB Flash Drive :

  1. Connect the USB Flash Drive in the USB port and copy the files comprised within it. Save the files in a newly created folder on your PC or you can completely delete them from the USB flash drive by formatting it or sending the files to your system’s Recycle Bin.

  2. Now you have to start the Command Prompt with administrator rights. You simply need to type in the ‘cmd’ text in the search box located in the Start Menu and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER or you can click the Start Menu, go to All Programs, select Accessories and right click the Command Prompt and click Run As Administrator.

  3. Now you have to find out a few details about your USB flash drive. After command prompt loaded and it is displayed you need to type in ‘DISKPART’ and press the Enter key, after this you should see the a picture like the one below. After that you need to type in ‘ LIST DISK ‘ and write down the Disk’s number of the USB flash drive.

  4. Command Prompt

  5. Now you need the following commands, one after another : SELECT DISK 1 ( ¬†or other number if the allocated number for the flash drive’s is different from 1 ) , CLEAN, CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY, SELECT PARTITION 1, FORMAT FS=NTFS, ASSIGN, EXIT. After you typed in all these commands, do not close it, because you will need it at a further point of this installing guide. Minimize it.

  6. Command Prompt Lines

  7. Now you have to insert the Windows 7 or the Windows Vista DVD, depending on which OS you want to install. Find out the volume letter of the DVD drive.

  8. Now you need the Command Prompt again, maximize it and type this command : E: CD BOOT and press enter. Where ‘E’ is the volume’s letter.

  9. Type in the following command that will update the USB drive with the BOOTMGR compatible code, see image below, the command line is : BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 H: I

  10. Command Prompt BOOTMGR

  11. Now you need to copy the Windows 7 or Windows Vista installation files to the USB flash drive.

  12. Now, the USB flash drive contains the installation files for Windows 7 / Vista and you are able of booting and installing the desired OS on your system.

After you performed all the above actions, you are free to start installing Windows 7 or Vista on your PC, but you should make sure that the default booting device is th USB drive and not the CD / DVD ROM or HDD. The default booting device can be configured from the BIOS menu.

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