How To Avoid The “Error 2203. An Internal Error Occurred” When Installing Office 2010


How To Avoid The “Error 2203. An Internal Error Occurred” When Installing Office 2010

Some users got this buggy error when trying to add OneNote to a current install of Office 2010. This also happened on the 2007 suite for a while, Microsoft published a fix to that, on which we base our quick solution here. It’s tested and should solve the problem just fine. We don’t know if this will be fixed or not in future versions of Office 2010 so you better save this page for reference. Wonders of Windows, what can we say… At least they’re releasing a free version of the suite, read here about all that.

You need to go into Services by typing services.msc into the Search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter (windows key+run also works). Here find Windows Installer, right click -> Stop. Right after this right click again -> Start. You now restarted the service.

Congrats. But it’s not over. Go to the Temp folder, by searching %temp% (windows key+r). Chose Properties of the Temp file (right click in a blank space or go Up and right click the folder).

Click on the Security tab and under the Group or user names box click on Edit.

The Permissions for Temp window. You need to click the Add button. Now type Everyone in the Objects Names box and click Check Names which will underline it as shown here then click OK.

Back after ok you selec Everyone and under Permissions for Everyone click the box to give it Full control and click OK.

You can go ahead and install again, it should work fine with no error until the happy end. Success, OneNote is now part of your Microsoft Office 2010 suite!

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