How To Easily Window A Game, Instead of Fullscreen


How To Easily Window A Game, Instead of Fullscreen

Most computer games, regardless if shiny new games or from the 90s golden age, run by default in full-screen mode. That means that once you run the application, the game detects your standard resolution, or it’s settings-set own resolution, changes to that resolution and then takes up all of your monitor. So if you want to shift for a few seconds back to the desktop and see if you have a private message in your instant messenger, or anything like that, you will have to use Alt+Tab to minimize the game, which can take a while to load and is often bugy. Alt+tab can also cause the game to crash, you’ll see in the vast majority of game readmes that alt+tab is not recommended, while newer games even have an in-built option to disable alt+tab (or the Windows key) while in the game, such as StarCraft 2.

So here is the guide for any Windows, recommended at any level and of under 1 minutes to finish:

  1. .Find the shortcut to the .exe of the game (usually on your desktop or in the Start Menu)

  2. Right Click on the shortcut, -> Properties (usually last in the context menu)

  3. 3In the Target field add: -window at the end. This is the string that will run the application in windowed mode! If there are already some other strings here, make sure there’s a space between them.

Where to add the -window string

Here’s an example:

“C:Program FilesWarcraft IIIwar3.exe” -opengl -window

Your game will now run in windowed mode once you start it using the shortcut!

To revert the process just remove the -window string. Note that not all games can be run in windowed mode, refer to the read me file of the game to find out exactly or.. jut give it a try! This guide is risk free and newbie-friendly. The window can be resized with the mouse, just like any window.

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Game in Windowed Mode

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