How To Download The 64-Bit Mozilla Firefox ( x64 )


How To Download The 64-Bit Mozilla Firefox ( x64 )

The Firefox 4 web browser is the first installment which Mozilla Corporation developed to work with x64 OS’.

Mozilla Firefox 4 for 64-bit based operating systems is currently in the beta version. Firefox 3.6 and the other previous version are available only for 32-bit based systems. The x64 Firefox version will only work with 64-bit based OS’m, this means that if your operating system is a 32bit version it will not work, not even if the system’s CPU supports AMD64 or INTEL EM64T. Also, another thing that you should know is that the x64 Firefox web browser needs plugins and extensions that are solely developed as a 64-bit version.

The release of the Mozilla Firefox 4 final version might happen at the end of this year and when it will be ready you will be able to find it at the Mozilla Firefox homepage. As i said before, the current x64 Firefox 4 versions that can be used are the beta version which are named nightly builds archive downloads, which means that these x64 build versions aren’t tested and their final versions might look totally different than the way it currently looks like. Still, there are plenty of users who can’t wait until the x64 Firefox will be fully released and are desperately seeking for those beta versions and the whole purpose of this post is to inform you about the location from where to download them. You can download the beta builds of x64 Firefox 4 from here.

At that ftp address you’ll find Firefox x64 nightly build for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and also for Linux operating systems. The operating system’s name appears at the end of the link and it’s something like this :

  • for Linux, the links end with .linux-x86_64.tar.bz2

  • for Windows, the links are ending in .win64-x86.installer.exe

  • for Mac OS X, the links end with .mac64.dmg

All these nightly build editions are being updated almost daily, so you should check every time that ftp download link, because a new build version of the Mozilla Firefox x64 is released frequently.

Firefox 4 Beta Builds for X64 OS

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