How To Make Recycle Bin Appear In “My Computer” on Windows Vista and Windows 7


How To Make Recycle Bin Appear In “My Computer” on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Many people, especially old school Windows users, like to access the My Computer zone first thing when browsing locally. You got your hard drive partitions there, got you optical drives and other removable drives, got your My Documents and what not folders… it’s the place man!

So what’s missing? The good old recycle bin. We know, most users out there keep it on the desktop. But some might not do that, might have windows by default hide it, or might just dislike the idea of having that Recycle  Bin right on that pretty, freshly wallpapered desktop. It’s keeping the trash can in your living room isn’t it?

My Computer with Recycle Bin. Is this what you want?

Well, picky or not, here’s how you can add the Recycle Bin in the My Compter zone in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. We also have a way to revert the process, so don’t fear and start the hacking ! Read below.

Method One: Edit the registry.

This has to be done manually, but it’s quite simple. Open RegEdit, the registry edition tool from Windows. Go to Start->Run (windows key+r), type in  regedit.exe , and search for:


The New Key step

There, right click and use New-> Key and then name that key with this string below, copy paste it:


If you done everything right, the result should look like this here below the paragraph. If not, go back to “This has to be done manually..” Pay attention. After all is set and done, close regedit and go to My Computer, Refresh ( F5 ) and you should have it right there, the picture below showing the result when you have Sort By Type activated in the My Computer window. Neat!

Name Key Result, does it look like this?

Method Two: Download and use registry hack reg file

If you don’t feel like editing the registry or fear you may do something silly, you can also download the reg file from here, double click it (right click, Run As Administrator if you have any issues) and the registry will be added automatically. Then again go to My Computer and Refresh with F5. Succes! Now Windows Vista or Windows 7 will show your Recycle Bin, be it empty full or burning (we’ll hack that too, one day!) each type you knock knock on My Computer. AddRecycleBinToMyComputer.reg is the “Turn On” file to use.

Click here to Download the automatic reg file for adding Recyclable Bin to My Computer (Vista and Windows 7)

NOTE: Even if you took the though way and edited the registry, this download could be of interest nevertheless. Thus, the other reg from the download  is useful to revert the process, if you want to remove the Recycle Bin from the My Computer Area. Note that the archive has two files, the name will point out which to use.

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