How to root the HTC Desire


How to root the HTC Desire

This guide will show you how to root the HTC Desire. By its nature, this smartphone it’s a taught nut to crack because it has a lot of protection that needs to be override. Because of this the process of rooting the HTC Desire will be a long one and with a medium grade of complexity. I’ve tried to put it in the simplest form possible. So, if you want to do it, buckle up your seatbelts and continue.

Before you start, you need to know that by rooting the HTC Desire you agree to void your warranty. This little issue can be undone by using a guide to unroot the smartphone. Also, because of the high protection status, you will use a different method to enter the recovery image in future and flash files ( used for updating Android ).

Rooted HTC Desire

Regarding compatibility issues, the following steps can only be completed by users who have a Bootloader version of 0.80 or below and ROM version or below. In order to check what version your phone has, turn off your device, then turn it back on with the ‘back’ key held. A screen will appear and on the second line, with green letters, you will see” HBOOT” followed by some digits. If those are 0.80 or bellow, continue.

For this guide you will need an USB Cable, Windows 32 bit platform / Linux / Mac OS X and a microSD card.

How to Root the HTC Desire
  1. For a Bootloader version of 0.75.xxxx ( or below ) and a ROM version of ( or below ), download THIS. If not, and you still meet the compatibility terms in the section above, download this. Unzip the file into C:MyFolder ( create it yourself ) .

  2. Backup all of your data from the microSD card and then turn it into a GoldCard. Afterward, insert it into your phone.

  3. Open the command prompt by going to Start and typing into the search box “cmd.exe”. Hit enter and then type the bellow lines all followed by an enter key:

  4. # C:
    # Cd C:MyFolder

  5. Turn off the HTC Desire and then power it up by holding the “back” button. You should see “Fastboot” written inside a red box.

  6. Connect the phone to the PC using an USB cable and then go to the Command Prompt window. Enter either ‘step1-windows.bat’, ‘./’ or ‘./’, depending on what platform you have.

  7. Remove the Goldcard from the phone. Format and insert it back into the HTC Desire.

  8. On the menu, use volume buttons to navigate and power button to choose your option. Using these, go to “Bootloader” and then in the “Recovery” option.

  9. Go back to the Command Prompt window and enter either ‘step2-windows.bat’, ‘./’ or ‘./’. When this step completes, you should be at the “Recovery” screen.

  10. Select the ‘wipe’ option, then apply an update zip from sdcard option. Choose the “” file. Wait for the process to complete ( it should take a while ) and then reboot.

  11. You just rooted the HTC Desire. Congratz.

How to enter flash mode in the future
  1. Turn off the phone and then back on by pressing power and holding down the volume button.

  2. Connect the phone to the PC and then navigate to the “Recovery” option by using the volume buttons to move and power to select.

  3. In the command prompt window, enter either ‘recovery-windows.bat’, ‘./’ or ‘./’.

  4. We recommend that you do not use the “Mount USB” option in the recovery mode.

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