Gmail Login: How to check multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously


There are two ways to log into Gmail, the web interface and desktop or mobile clients. For those that only have one Gmail account, the web interface is just fine, but it can be really stressing if you need to check more than one account frequently.

Though the desktop and mobile clients have more advantages. Many of them offer you the possibility to download and store your emails locally, so you can read them without an internet connection.

Now if you really want to use the web interface, but need to check multiple accounts, there are two simple ways:

  1. Log into one of them normally and for the other turn on the browser’s privacy mode. That way you can stay logged into both of them at the same time. If you want to log into the third, there might be a problem, because you need to sign off one of the two.

  2. If you are using Firefox, install Greasemonkey and the Google Account Multi-Login script, which helps you switch accounts easier, but it doesn’t allow you to stay logged into more than one, unfortunately.

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