How to update the HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1


How to update the HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1

The following tutorial teaches you how to manually update your HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1, for those of you that do not have the patience to wait the OTA update. This update is the official one, hosted on one of the Google’s servers. The only difference between this and OTA is that your contacts will get erased, but that can be solved in 1 minute.

As for Verizon’s view about this procedure, we cannot say for certain yet if this will void your warranty or not. They advise us to wait until you receive the OTA version. This is because the file will be downloaded from another server then Verizon’s. So a certain amount of risk must be taken. Also, this is not a leaked update or a pre-release one; it’s exactly what you will get from Verizon. So you can choose to wait or follow the steps bellow.

Update the HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1

Before you start, you need to know that this process will not work if you have currently installed a leaked version of Android (any number) and you will need to get back to your stock Droid Eris. Also, make sure you have at least 25 MB free and the patience for 15 minutes or more ( depending on how much files you have ). Local contacts are wiped, but simply going into settings and hitting ’sync now’ will restore them since all account info is retained. Oh and the homescreen configurations will be lost.

Also, do not frighten or something. Just have a little patience on the rebooting step. It could take a while. If you want to have a rooted Eris instead, use this tutorial instead.

How to update the HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1
  1. Download the Android 2.1 firmware and rename it to “”. Move it you your SD card using and USB cable.

  2. Turn off the phone. Keep pressed the “Volume Down” button and power up the Eris.

  3. You should that the smartphone is searching for some files. Scroll down to “recovery” and press the “Power” button.

  4. When you see a Triangle with an exclamation mark on it, hold “Power” and “Home” buttons.

  5. Now select “Apply”.

  6. When the process is complete, select the “Reboot system now” from the screen and wait.

For any problems, leave a comment bellow or discuss it on our forums.

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