How to fix iPad’s Wi-Fi connection problems


How to fix iPad’s Wi-Fi connection problems

Some users have encountered problems while trying to connect the iPad to a Wi-Fi hotspot. As Apple states, the iPad may sometimes get the following error: “Cannot Connect to Wireless Access Point” while trying to rejoin a wireless network, after a restart or sleep. This problem can occur when the targeted Wi-Fi has a third party router capable of dual-band.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi

Where do you go wrong? When using the same network name for both of the networks or when using different security settings for each network. If you are one of these users, Apple comes up with a quick guide on how to fix iPad Wi-Fi issues. Try them:

Fix iPad Wi-Fi problems by:
  • checking if the Wi-Fi firmware is up-to-date.

  • Creating separate Wi-Fi network names for each band.

  • Making sure that both of the networks use the same security type: WEP,WPA, WPA2 etc.

  • If those above do not work, reset the Wi-Fi network settings by going to “ Settings”->”General”->”Reset”->”Reset Network Settings”

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