How to use the iPhone as a wireless camera for the iPad


How to use the iPhone as a wireless camera for the iPad

As I said before, when someone needs something and it’s not provided with it, he gets it on his own. In this case, an iPad camera. Now you can easily use the iPhone 3GS as a wireless camera for the iPad. In the following lines you will learn how to do this and some neat tricks too. Unfortunately, one of the steps bellow is not free of charge. We will update it when someone figures it out.

Before you start, you need to know that this process works only on an iPhone 3GS model, because the 3G can’t record videos. Actually, what you are about to do is stream live from your iPhone to the iPad, not just sending pictures.

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Turn the iPhone into an iPad camera guide:

1. Download the Camera A app and install it on the iPad (costs 1$). Also, the Camera B app and install it on the iPhone.
2. Enable the Bluetooth on both of the devices. Start the applications downloaded installed above.
3. Enjoy !

Tip: If you want to take a picture, tap on the camera icon on the bottom of your iPad screen.

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