How to Overclock the Nokia n900 up to 1 GHz


How to Overclock the Nokia n900 up to 1 GHz

A jack of all trades, the Nokia n900 proves his usefulness once more. If your hunger for speed has not been fed for some time, we have good news for you. The Nokia n900 can be overclocked to 1 GHz and still be booted. After some tests, where the n900 was overclocked a full weekend, the maximum stable frequency has been found: 900 MHz, for an average medium temperature.

In the lines bellow you will learn how to overclock the Nokia n900 to a frequency of your choosing. Also, this tutorial does not work on Windows 7 because of USB problems. We suggest Vista or Win XP.

A bit of a warning before, please do not keep your device overclocked for long period of times. It has not been created for these purposes. If you are a stunt junkie, try it sometimes, and head back to the original speed. Malfunctions are possible. There are many variables to count on, including the medium temperature and minor glitches to your phone.

1 GHz Nokia n900

Overclock Nokia n900 guide :

1. Download the latest version of the Maemo Flasher 3.5. Choose the top Maemo flasher version from the list shown. Run the .exe file and install it.

2. Download one of the overclocked images bellow, the first one being the stock version that returns you to the original speed. Save these images into the same folder as the Maemo Flasher.

3. Turn off the phone.

4. Plug the USB cable into your PC. Now press and hold the U key on the n900 and insert the USB cable into it. Keep it pressed until you see a dim Nokia logo and a little USB icon in the upper right part of the screen.

5. Open the Command Prompt on the PC (Start-> Run-> Type CMD.exe-> Press OK.)

6. Type the following lines, pressing enter after each one.

  • cd

  • cd c:programfilesmaemoflasher-3.5

  • flasher-3.5 -k zImage -f -R

Replace the word zImage with the complete name of the zImage file you downloaded.

7. Wait to finish and reboot. Enjoy.

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