How to Root the Motorola Milestone and gain Full User Access


How to Root the Motorola Milestone and gain Full User Access

The Motorola Milestone is the European version of the Motorola Droid. As his over-ocean relative, you can now root the Motorola Milestone. If you choose to do this, you will gain full user access over your smartphone, having the ability to modify themes, icons, firmware and install forbidden applications. In a few words, unleash your phone from the developers.

Also, this process has its own drawbacks. If not done correctly, the user might end up with a bricked phone and 100% with a lost warranty. SoftSailor does not take any responsibility for damaged devices. Also, it works only if you have the Android 2.0 version installed.

Motorola Milestone Horizontal View

Root the Motorola Milestone guide

1. Download the files required for rooting. Rename the .zip file to and move it on the SD card (the main folder).

2. Turn off the phone.

3. Boot the phone by pressing and holding the Camera button and the power button until a sign appears. It should look like this: /!

4. Press both volume+ and the camera button and a menu will be shown.

5. Using the directional pad on the physical keyboard, highlight apply and press the select key.

6. Reboot the phone after flashing.

Note: If you get an error that the update binary can’t be flashed, don’t worry. You still got root access.

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