How to Tether the HTC Droid Eris using PDAnet


How to Tether the HTC Droid Eris using PDAnet

Tethering the HTC Droid Eris is a process that enables you access over the internet, from your laptop or PC, using the smartphone as a modem via the USB. The drawbacks of this feature are manufacturer rules, like losing the warranty or risk getting flag if you use the internet excessively. If you can stay under 5 GB/month it’s OK. Also, this procedure does not require root access.

the HTC Droid Eris

Tether the HTC Droid Eris guide:

1. On the Droid Eris, go to your list of programs and find the Market Programs. In here, search for PDAnet.

2. Select the PDAnet free edition download and install it.

3. Download and install the same application for your PC. This version is just a free one, but will work after 30 days of trial with some restrictions.

4. Connect the droid to your PC using an USB cable.

5. Open the PDAnet application on the phone and select the Enable USB tethering Button.

6. Test the connection by opening the browser on your PC.

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