How to create a GoldCard for Android and other smartphones


Some smartphones like MyTouch, Android, some HTC Models and even the iPhone, cannot always be modified in any way you want. This happens because some memory cards are harder to break.

If you want to edit your memory card and gain full access, you must first create a GoldCard. This procedure will not work for all models but, it has been tested for a 2GB Kingston SD card and it was successful.

In order to proceed, you will first need an SD adapter. This can be a MicroSD to USB or a MicroSD to SD adapter, if you have a SD port on your PC.

MicroSD to USB adapter

MicroSD to SD adapter

We strongly suggest to backup all of your data from the SD card before continuing.

Create a GoldCard Guide:

1. You must first setup the ADB tool for your smartphone.

2. Insert the memory card into the phone.

3. Go to Settings-> SD and Phone storage->Unmount SD card.

4. Format the SD card.

5. Check if USB debugging is ON (can be found under Settings-> Applications->Development).

6. Connect the phone to the PC via an USB Cable. On your PC, open the Command Prompt (Start-> Run-> cmd.exe). Type in the black window the following:

  • adb shell

  • cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

7. Write down the code displayed.

8. Type the code HERE and click submit. Write down the new code.

9. Click HERE and enter a valid email address followed by the code from step 8 in the CID box, replacing the first 2 digits with 0 (Example: 7820125223 = 0020125223).

10. Click “continue” to receive the goldcard.img on your email. Save it to your PC.

11. Download and install the HxD Hex editor.

12. Use the SD adapter to plug your SD card into the PC.

13. Open the Hex editor (For Win7 and Vista: right click-> Open as Administrator). Click on Extra-> Open Disk.

14. Under Physical Disk select Removable Disk (your SD card). Make sure to uncheck “Open as ReadOnly”. Click OK.

15. Go one more time to the Extra tab and click Open Disk Image. Select the goldcard.img.

16. You should now see the SD card and the goldcard.img as two tabs. Press OK when prompted for Sector Size 512.

17. On the goldcard.img tab, click on the Edit tab and Select All. Click again on Edit and on Copy.

18. Now go to the Removable disk tab (your SD card) and select offset 00000000 to 00000170. Click on Edit and the on Paste Write.

19. Go to File and then click Save. Close the Hex editor.

20. Let’s test if you managed to create a GoldCard:

  • Take out the memory card from the computer, then put it back in.

  • Open the SD card from your PC. If you can, then it’s OK.

Note: If the test wasn’t successful, repeat steps 17 – 19. If you still receive errors, remember that this process doesn’t work for any SD card. You might have to buy a new card. We suggest the Kingston 2GB.

Create a GoldCard to enjoy full editing on your smartphone

Special thanks to Soaa and Viper for the tools used.

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