How to Sync the HTC Hero with Windows 7 without errors


This one is addressed to HTC Hero owners that have some problems with connecting their smartphone to the PC.

If you have tried to sync the HTC Hero with Windows 7, you certainly encountered some problems. Here is a HTC Hero sync guide to deal with all those errors.

When you connect the smartphone to the PC, Windows 7 automatically tries to install the drivers you need. This installation process is not successful and you must do it manually. Follow our steps bellow:

HTC Hero and Windows 7

Sync the HTC Hero with Windows 7 Guide

1. Download HTC Sync 2.04 from Here and install it.

3. Download the HTC Hero drivers for your version of Windows 7:

4. Extract the files above into a folder.

5. In the windows search box, type “Devices and Printers” and press enter. You should see an incorrectly installed Android Phone. Right Click on it -> Proprieties-> Hardware.

6. Update the driver by selecting the folder above, with the extracted files.

7. (Optional) If no ADB drivers were installed, you can install the drivers in the simple way. Double click on the .INF file, from the driver pack, and select Install.

8. You should now see the smartphone as “My HTC”, and the sync process can be done with ease.

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