How to enable Tethering on the HTC Touch Pro 2


HTC Touch Pro 2 is considered both “The Beauty” and “The Beast” in the HTC smartphone family. Besides the fairytales names given to this phone, smart functions like Wi-Fi made this product one of the most soled at his time.

The Wi-Fi function is one that interests us very much and so do you if you are here. So, if you want to tether the HTC Touch Pro and use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your computer, we can help.

But before you start, you need to know that this process is a risky one and you may brick your phone, if the procedure is not followed correctly. SoftSailor doesn’t take any responsibility for any errors or extra data charges you may incur.

Tethering the HTC Touch Pro 2

Tethering the HTC Touch Pro 2 guide:

1. Download this file HERE and copy it to your SD card.

2. Turn your Wi-Fi OFF if it’s on. You can do this by going to Start->Comm Manager.

3. Place the SD card into the phone and run the .cab file downloaded above.

4. Go to Start > All Applications > CM Internet Sharing.

5. Confirm the settings there (you may change the name if you want).

6. Click Start in the lower-right part of the display.

7. Follow the instructions given on screen.

8. Done.

Now that you just enabled  HTC Touch Pro 2 tethering, you can use it as a wireless router. Do not download an excessive amount of data because you may raise a flag and be discovered by your service provider.

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