How to unlock the iPhone 3.1.2 on 3G/3GS model


Surfing the web to learn how to use any SIM card on your iPhone? You are in a good place then.

The following guide teaches you how to unlock the iPhone 3.1.2 firmware, one of the bests available for your device. This procedure will work on either 3G or 3GS models, only if your Modem Firmware (Baseband) is 04.26.08. To find what Baseband you have, go to Settings-> General->About, like in the picture bellow.

How to find the baseband version

So, if you meet the requirements above, there is one more thing to say. Before rushing into our guide, you must know that this process will void your warranty. Also, you must jailbreak the iPhone first.

After the unlock process, you will have a device that can be used on any carrier, with a proper name and logo.

How to unlock the iPhone 3.1.2:

Note: If you are using T-Mobile, disable the 3G service first.

1. Start Cydia on your iPhone.

2. Touch the Manage button situated in the bottom part of the screen.

3. Touch on Sources.

Sources Button on Cydia

4. Touch on Edit and then on Add. When prompted, type in the box and click the Add Source button.

Add source on Cydia

5. After some minutes, when the automated process has ended, search for the ultrasn0w application in Cydia and install it. This will automatically unlock the iPhone 3.1.2.

Find blacksn0w

6. Restart your iPhone.

7. Success.

Use any SIM card on your 3.1.2 iPhone

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