How to unlock iPhone 3.1.3 firmware on 3G/3GS


SIM unlocking  enables the use of any SIM card, from any carrier. It’s an simple to do process and comes with many benefits: the use of a local carrier while traveling, changing your original pricing plans and taking advantage of other mobile networks.

If you are an iPhone 3G or 3GS user, with the latest firmware installed on it, we have good news for you. You can now unlock the iPhone 3.1.3, safely and without much trouble, only if you don’t have the newer basebands: 5.xx.xx.

Before you get started, you must understand that this process must be followed strictly, any wrong move made could damage your device. Also, you must jailbreak the iPhone first, to gain full access to it. And remember, SoftSailor does not take responsibility for damaged phones.

Unlock the iPhone 3.1.3 for access to any carrier

How to unlock the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware

Step 1: Start “Cydia” and touch on “Manage” tab. Now touch on “Sources” .If you are using T-Mobile disable the 3G service first.

Sources button on Cydia menu

Step 2: Touch on “Edit” and “Add”. Type in the prompted screen and then touch on “Add Source”.

Add source menu on Cydia

Step 3: Search for ultrasn0w in Cydia and install it. This application will automatically unlock the iPhone 3.1.3 after installation.

Step 4: Restart your iPhone and you’re done.

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