How To Remove/Uninstall Advanced Virus Remover(Removal Guide)


If you read this post, there is no doubt that your PC is already infected with the horrible “ Advanced Virus Remover”, which is a fake antivirus, but you don`t have to worry, because I`m gonna help you to get rid of it.

There is a problem though, this fake antivirus, like many other rogue viruses, such as Antivirus Live , Security Antivirus or Internet Security 2010, is not really easy to remove/ uninstall.

To help you understand how this virus works, I`ve made you a brief introduction: so first of all, it announce you that your computer is infected with tones of viruses, even though it is the only real virus on your PC, then it holds your computer hostage, until you pay “the ransom”. The ugly thing is that it bocks any attempt of you to open the Safe Mode, Task Manager or even install a real antivirus.

How Advanced Virus Remover really works!

First of all, lots of messages pop-up telling you that your PC is infected with different types of viruses.

Soon your desktop will be full of error messages, pop-ups, etc.

Their main objective is, of course, to make you pay them.

You should know that Advanced Virus Remover is not so easy to be tricked. To convince yourselves try opening an application more than once and you will see that it automatically block you from opening it again. This method has only one purpose: to block you from installing any kind of anti-malware tools, such as MalwareBytes or SUPERAntiSpyware.

Enough talking, let`s remove Advanced Virus Remover!

First you have to download our favorite must-have spyware removal tool, called Portable edition of SUPERAntiSpyware (click for download), but you will be able to do that only from another computer.

After you downloaded and put it on a flash drive, open it up on your PC and start scanning your computer immediately. Warrning! Do not close it and re-open it, because AVR will block it.

After you`ve done that the process is ready and your PC will be virus free, but reboot your PC to see if the hack really worked.

If Advanced Virus Remover Blocks SUPERAntiSpyware

If you have problems opening the SUPERAntiSpyware, then you should follow this method:

  1. Open Windows Run box (Win+R) or if it doesn`t work like that open it through the Start Menu.

  2. Write these commands  and press “Enter” after each one:

a)       Taskkill/f /im winupdate86.exe

b)      Taskkill/f /im winlogon86.exe

If this procedure doesn`t work then go to Windows Explorer,  head into the WindowsSystem32 folder , locate the bad processes there , press the properties screen on those strange files, then use the taskkill command to get rid of them.

Remove the Advanced virus remover with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

If you can`t succeed to remove the virus with SUPERAntiSpyware, then I strongly recommend you to install the free edition of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (click here for download).

If you don`t know how to use it then you should follow this “how to use” link.

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