How to Download the StarCraft 2 Beta Client


The StarCraft 2 Beta Client is a significant piece of the puzzle in the beta testing faze.It is as valuable as the Starcraft 2 Beta key i could say, but more easier to obtain.

Assuming you have followed our methods HERE and somehow managed to get a key, we congratulate you. All you must do now is to download the Starcraft 2 beta client -requires 3GB disk space- and install it -requires 8GB disk space.In order to do that, follow the steps bellow carefully.

How to Download Starcraft 2 Beta Guide

How to Download and Install the Starcraft 2 Beta Client:

1.Log in on your account via

2.Go to Games section-> Management-> Starcraft 2

3.Click on the link corresponding to your system to boot the client.

4.Save the fille with the name Downloader_StarCraft_2_Beta.exe.

5.Run the file.

6.The Starcraft 2 installation screen will appear, choose Install to continue.

7.Read the agreament of the Beta testing and after that select Agree.

8.Select the folder you want to install it and click next.

9.Wait a while..


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