How to enable HTC Hero tethering via USB


Tethering , the tricky stuff that enables you access to the internet using your mobile phone, is available for the HTC Hero. One of the methods used is the USB  HTC Hero tethering, an easy way with who you can use your HTC Hero as a modem for your laptop or PC.

This tethering method is the easiest one available for HTC Hero  and  requires the free download of a sync application, a little PC and HTC Hero configuration.

The following guide teaches you how to enable tethering on a HTC HERO smartphone and has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Follow the steps bellow:

How to enable HTC Hero Tethering via USB

  • Download the HTC Sync installer HERE and install it on your PC.

  • On your HTC Hero, browse to Settings –> Wireless Controls and enable the option to enable Mobile Network Sharing.

  • Connect the HTC Hero to the PC via the USB cable. Windows will detect the new hardware automatically and install an “HTC Remote NDIS Network Adapter”,an adapter without you could not use tethering on the HTC Hero:

Use HTC Hero as a Modem

  • Considering that your HTC Hero has a cellular data connection, you will now be able to use that connection from your PC.

  • Congrats, you just enabled tethering on your HTC Hero via USB.

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