How to install HTC Desire Sense port on your Nexus One


While I was searching some new apps for my Nexus One on the web I`ve discovered a very interesting forum. A boy called Paul from Modaco forums had managed to install on its Nexus the long waited alpha version of the HTC Desire ROM with HTC Sense.  In spite of having some bugs and glitches every now aond then the ROM works perfectly and it also has packed the Flash 10.1 app for Android 2.x (which was expected to be released sometime this year). A pretty interesting thing about this Flash is that after you install it you`ll be able to play your favorite game on Facebook, the one and only FarmVille.

So if are pretty sure that you want to install (on your own risk) the HTC Sense from HTC Desire on your Google Nexus One phone, then you should fallow this step by step installation guide.( press here)

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