How to block FarmVille updates and notifications on FaceBook


FarmVille, the social networking game of the year, has reached 80 million players. This number is so big because it can be played by a large variety of users but also of the mass spamming of its own game. What does that mean?

The game optionally advertises itself by sending out news feed updates to your friends whenever you accomplish a milestone with your farm or character. When you have lots of friends playing FarmVille, or ones that are not interested, those updates can be enough to drive you crazy.

Block FarmVille updates and notifications on FaceBook

There are 2 simple ways that help you block FarmVille from interacting with your account. Read the steps bellow for more info:

Step 1: Hide FarmVille from your News feed updates

  • Any time you see a FarmVille update in your news feed, move the mouse cursor to the right of the update and a “Hide” button will appear as seen above. Click it.

Hide FarmVille news updates, Step 1

  • Press Hide FarmVille if you want to hide FarmVille news feed posts from all your friends.

Hide FarmVille News feed updates, Step 2

Step 2: Block FarmVille Notifications

  • Go to the FaceBook search bar.

  • Search for the FarmVille application and then go to its page.

  • Click on the “Block Application” button and confirm your action.

Block FarmVille Notifications

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