Multifox, Firefox add-on that allows multiple accounts login


If you have more than one gmail, yahoo, twitter or FaceBook account you know how frustrating it is to sign in with, let’s say, two accounts at a time, without interfering with each other. Well, if you are using Firefox, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Multifox if a Firefox add on that enable multiple accounts log in for the same service. It is free to download and simple to install. It allows simultaneously log ins using different user ID, without the need to log off the current one.

To enable and use Multifox, just follow the steps bellow:

  • Download Multifox for free HERE.

  • Install the Multifox extension.

  • Restart Firefox.

  • Right click on the upper part of the browser, right next to the browsing tabs, and you will notice a new option named: Open in a new identity profile. Click it.

  • Done.

The totally new fresh web browser will allow users to login with a new username without crashing with the existing one. In order to identify individual profiles, each Multifox window will be flagged with a number for profile indication. Good thing is, the identity profile for each window will be preserved even if you close the window and after a new session is restored.

Multifox, add on that enables multiple accounts

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