How to tether and turn the Motorola Droid into a Wi-Fi hotspot, or even enable Bluetooth tethering using the simple way


Motorola Droid is the smartphone from Motorola that is based on the Android OS. Although used for multimedia and internet access, users are denied to experience a simple Wi-Fi Hotspot for free. Although Verizon and Android OS platforms have taking some precautions, smart guys found a simple way that you can enable tethering on a Motorola Droid, for free.

Just like the jailbreak community on the iPhone, there’s a group of Android developers determined to grant any Google-powered phone free access to every feature imaginable. And they’re able to accomplish this task more legitimately than underground iPhone hackers, since Android’s source code is completely open to developers.


Motorola Droid Tethering

If you are sure that tethering is the thing you need, and not just root access to Motorola Droid (read HERE), follow the steps bellow:

What you’ll need:
1. USB Driver – HERE or HERE(Mirror)
2. Tethering Software – [PDANet] HERE

  • First, install the PDANet software on your desktop and on the Motorola Droid. The moment you install it on desktop, it will automatically install the USB driver for you, if it doesn’t, you can use the USB driver link above to install.

  • Make sure you have USB Debugging still enabled. Connect your Motorola Droid to the USB and, on the smartphone, launch the PDANet software. Click on “Turn PdaNet On“.

  • Once it is turned on, you can then go to your PC and “Connect” on the PDANet software on your taskbar.

  • You have Tethered Droid successfully; enjoy the High speed wireless Internet.

  • (Optional, only for Bluetooth) If you need Bluetooth Tethering for the Motorola Droid, first thing you need to do is pair your phone with your PC via Bluetooth connection.

  • Once successful, create a Dial-up Networking Connection (DUN). When asked what modem to use, select the Bluetooth Modem Driver. It will ask you for a username and password, select you won’t need to use one. It will ask you to for a phone number to use to dial out. Use “123? as the phone number.

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