How to enable tethering on a Palm Pre using My Tether 1.5, a free to download software


If you want to transform your Palm Pre into a WiFi-router, My Tether is the application you need to use. This application allows you to use your Palm Pre to connect to the internet. It allows you make your Pre into a WiFi hotspot to share your EVDO connection, as well share your EVDO or WiFi connection to tether over USB, or Bluetooth PAN.

There are 2 versions of My Tether available, one 2.0 that cost $10 and the other, My Tether 1.5 that is free to download (automatically downloaded by your Palm Pre via a command, in the steps bellow).

The guide bellow shows how to enable tethering on a Palm Pre using the free version of My Tether. It’s a simple guide, and at the end of the page, there is also a video posted.

Say Yes to Palm Pre tethering

Just follow the steps:

  • Install it on your PC.

  • Type “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” in the Launcher area where you can see all the applications, on your Palm Pre. If you do this, the following screen will appear:


  • Now simply click on the application found, you will be prompt to reset the phone, so say yes and reset your phone.

  • Go to Start-> Run -> type cmd.exe, press enter then type cd and leave the console standing bye. Now go to the folder that you installed the Palm Pre SDK, and enter the bin folder. (Ex: C:Program FilesPalmSDKin). Select the folder location and drag it into the command prompt console and hit enter. It should look like this:

Routing a Palm Pre using the Command Prompt

  • Now, connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable.

  • Once connected, type this on your command prompt that’s still open:

novacom -t open tty://

  • Type the following in the root@castle prompt:

wget -qO- | /bin/sh

  • This Linux command will automatically download My Tether version 1.5 and install it on your Palm Pre.

  • Go to your Palm Pre and browse your applications in the Launcher, you should see a new application called “My Tether” appear.

  • Enable tethering by turning the upper-right button to ON, then choose to use “DHCP” when the application asks you.

  • Finally, go to your computer and connect to “AoNet” on your computer’s wireless network.

You should be connected fairly soon to the internet now. If you have trouble connecting, try resetting both your computer and the Palm Pre.

You should also be able to connect multiple devices since your Palm Pre is now also a WiFi Router with DHCP server.

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