How to Turn ON or OFF ( Enable or Disable ) Windows Sideshow in windows 7 and vista


Windows Sideshow is a new technology that enables users to see what is on their PC or laptops, even if they are turned off (asleep,on hibernation, or any other state), with the help of a simple mobile phone or any other device that supports windows sideshow ( laptop lids, PDA, any kind of gadgets possible with a display ).

So, if you have a device that is compatible with Windows Sideshow and your PC has running Windows 7 or Vista, follow the lines bellow in order to activate or deactivate Windows Sideshow:

  • Open the Local Group Policy Editor. (Read here how to do that)

  • Expand to the following tree branch: User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsWindows Sideshow

  • Double click on the Turn off Windows Sideshow option in the right pane.

  • To DISABLE or turn OFF Sideshow select the enable radio button

  • To ENABLE or turn ON Sideshow select the disabled or .not configured radio button

  • Click OK

Windows Sideshow on an laptop lid

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