How to open Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges in Windows 7


Ordinary applications are opened by default with regular rights. In order to do something that is more or less considered potentially harming for the computer, you need administrative permission. To avoid pressing yes at any prompt tab that Windows 7 throws, you need to open the application as an administrator.
For command prompt, the commands may refuse to run or have access denied error. So users need to launch command prompt will full admin rights and permission state. Windows 7 users have many alternatives to open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) using administrator privileges.

Command Prompt with Administrator Rights

We have chosen to present you 2 of the most simple ways that you can do that:
Method 1
1. Click on Windows Start button.
2. All programs->Accessories-> Command Prompt
3. Right click on Command Prompt.
4. On the pop-up right click context menu, select “Run as Administrator”.
Method 2
1. Press on Win + R keyboard keys.
2. Type in Cmd into the Open textbox.
3. Hit OK or press Enter.

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