How to use Microsoft Outlook FaceBook Add-ons like OutSync, Fblook and Xobni


If you are using Microsoft Outlook to write your emails, make an agenda, add contacts and you also use FaceBook to meet people, why don’t you use these applications together?
There are a few Microsoft Outlook add-on applications for FaceBook you can install or you can even integrate some of your FaceBook features into Microsoft Outlook. We have chosen to present 3 of this representative applications:OutSync, Fblook and Xobni.

Using Outlook to sync FaceBook information


Instead of downloading the profile photos of your FaceBook contacts and relating them with the ones from Microsoft Outlook, try OutSync, a free Windows desktop application that can sync your Facebook friends’ profile photos with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

This is accomplished by a simple search of the OutSync application through the FaceBook account list, of course with the user’s permission. When found a matching contact with the ones from Outlook, it syncs his FaceBook photo so it appears now in Outlook to. This sync can be done also manually to ensure better results.

This application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and can be downloaded from here.


Another free application that comes to aid the search of FaceBook users is Fblook. This free and handy Outlook add-on application allows you to update your Facebook status, see your friends’ status and see notifications of new requests (friend requests, new messages, pokes, etc) with the help of Microsoft Outlook.

Once you install the Fblook you can see some new buttons in Microsoft Outlook. Before starting to view the information regarding your FaceBook account you need to log in via Outlook.

Another advantage of Fblook is that you can set your Facebook status to the name of the song you’re playing in iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can download it from here.


Another Microsoft Outlook plug-in that can display profile and friends pictures, status messages and even recent updates to Facebook profile: Xobni makes you receive the latest updates of FaceBook in to Microsoft Outlook.

The basic version of Xobni is free of download and can be found HERE. Users may also choose to buy the premium version that includes No ads, Show direct messages/contacts in Xobni Profiles, Advanced Search Builder, Xobni Rank™-powered AutoSuggest at a price of $29.95.

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