How to save a web page in PDF format, the simple way:


Ever wanted to save a web page in another format than a picture? Ever needed that page so much that you searched everywhere for something that could help you? Have you found a program that could help you but got you confused more than a fog in the middle of the summer?
I was writing about a program that could convert a web page into a PDF page, but on the way I got lost in translation and wend up into a marvelous website that does all the things for you.

Save a web page to .pdf guide

The following guide is based on a free tool that dynamically converts online HTML web pages to a PDF document file format. Files can then be saved to hard-disk, making searching and distribution of content, quicker, easier and more efficient.

Just follow the next steps:

  • Enter the desired website URL in the box :

Step 1 in pdf convertion

  • Press convert.

  • Click on the blue highlighted link to view the .pdf created.

Step 2 in pdf convertion

  • If you want to save the .pdf just right click on the link and choose save link as :

Step 3 in pdf convertion

  • You also have an options button where you can change the scale of the saved .pdf file. Decrease the default value if not all of your web page fits into the PDF once generated. Increase to fill any remaining space with your web page.

Options PAnel

  • The result :

SoftSailor in .pdf format

Hope we helped you .

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