How to Delete A User Account In Windows 7


It’s not that difficult to create and make use of your Windows 7 user account, everyone can do it. But what happens when you realize a certain account becomes useless? Maybe you can figure it out. But what happens if you want to save your settings and files? Well that is another story; so here is some guidance to make your struggle a bit easier.

Delete a User

First you have to go to the Start Search Bar and type in user accounts.


After doing that, click on Manage another account right there in the bottom.



Now you may select the no longer needed user account.


After you’ve selected the user account you want to delete, just click on Delete the account. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the files you wish to save.


If there’s anything you need or may need in the future, it’s recommended that you give a click on Keep Files. If the files in the selected account are no longer if any use for you, just click Delete Files.


If you have decided you may soon need mentioned files, and clicked on Keep Files, than a folder should be now saved on your desktop contained those files and named over the deleted account.



When finishing with the saved files, you return to your previous action and delete the following account by simply clicking Delete Account.


By doing this you may keep a clean and well organized cute little Windows 7. I hope you will find it useful.

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