How to Add a Quick Restart Function to Mozilla Firefox


There is no doubt, that any advanced Mozilla Firefox user, uses, very often the about:config setting or any kind of similar actions, but my question is: Aren`t you frustrated by the lack of an easy and quick way to restart the browser after you have chosen your favorite options?

Well, if you are, then I`m glad to announce you that, from this moment, you don` t have to worry no more, because I found the amazing QuickRestart extension.

It turns out that, the QR extension provides you three simple and easy ways to restart your favorite browser.

The first way is very easy to use, because the only thing you have to do, is go to “File Menu” and click on “Restart Firefox” as you can see in this photo:

Or, if you are one of those easy-going” peoples, you can simply press “Ctrl+Alt+R” at the same time and you will have the result you wanted.

The second way is also very easy use, but, unfortunately, requires that your “Menu Toolbar” be hidden.  So, if you think that this way is the best for you, then here is all you need to do:

  1. First you have to “Right Click” on one of your toolbars

  2. Select the “Customize” option

  3. 3. After that, you gonna see the “Customize Toolbar Window”, which gives you the possibility to add the Restart button and place it in a location that best suits your needs.

The final result is a very tiny and wonderful button, which is very happy to make your life a lot easier.

So, if want to have this useful application on your computer, you can download the QuickRestart extension by pressing here.

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