How to use short keys for sticky notes in Windows 7 and Vista


The usual yellow notes that you stick on your monitor screen or all over your walls can be found in Windows 7 and also in Vista. This feature is available for users worldwide thanks to Redmond Company.

To use sticky notes all you have to do is: Windows tab->All Programs ->Accessories->Sticky Notes. These notes can help you remember all the things you have to do daily and are simple to use.

Just open the note and simply start writing. It has a friendly format, with 6 options of color (Green, Purple, Yellow, White, Blue and Pink) and comes as a help for absent minded people.

Sticky Notes

The font for sticky notes is by default Segoe Print, size 12 and one of the disadvantages is that you cannot change this font. If you care so much about the font, you can write your note in any other editor with the preferred font and then paste it to your note. This Windows 7 application is so simple that it doesn’t have text editing, format and size options, but you can do the followings:

  • Bold Text: Ctrl+B

  • Underlined Text: Ctrl+U

  • Strikethrough: Ctrl+T

  • Bullet List: Ctrl+Shift+L (press the same keys again to switch to a numbered list)

  • Increased Text Size: Ctrl+Shift+> or Press Ctrl + mouse wheel up

  • Decreased Text Size: Ctrl+Shift+< or Press Ctrl + mouse wheel down

Stiky notes my prove useful especially if closed by mistake, or if you receive an error. It saves the number of sticky notes you have on the screen and also the message.It consumes 2.7 MB of memory to start the application and grows with the number of notes.

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