How to remove “Host process for Windows Services Has Stopped Working” error


If you are a Windows 7 or Vista user you may recognize the following error : “Host process for Windows Services Has Stopped Working”, an error that is linked with svchost.exe application and with fault module rasmans.dll_unloaded.
This error causes a lot of work especially in Windows 7 were it may appear intermittently without reason, cases from early editions of pre-beta.The causes may be unknown but solutions exist, just follow the steps:

  1. Open up Task Scheduler.

  2. Expand and go to Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows        ->    RAC.

  3. Click on View menu, and then enable Show Hidden Tasks (so that a tick appear beside it).

  4. Right click on RACAgent (Windows Vista) or RACTask (Windows 7), and select Disable so that the status appears as Disabled.

Host process for Windows Services Has Stopped Working

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